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  • Pet Pygmy Goats for Sale

    For further details please 'phone 01775 822781

    or email pygmygoatsuk@yahoo.co.uk


    Our kids are usually 'reserved' before they are born. We only sell to families we have met and who have attended one of our short, informal 'training' sessions and go on our waiting list or to families who already have pygmy goats.     

    Please click here for details.





    For Sale

    These are Lottie's and Branden's delightful twins born on the 8th April.

    Here they are at 10 days old.

    On the right is a little boy (a wether) we have called Lupin and on the left his sister Lavender.

    They are lively and energetic little characters and will make wonderful pets.

    They are now ready to go to a suitable family either straight away or any time later to suit arrangements and preparations.






    On the left is a playful little girl we have called Marigold, born to Maria on the 14th of March. Here she is about two days old.

    On the right is a gorgeous tricoloured little girl we have called Violet, born to Vita on the 19th of April. Here she is one day old.

    The pair will be ready to go to their new family after 12th July.



    What is a wether?

    A wether is a castrated male.

    They make ideal pets as they are friendly, curious and lively and, importantly:

    • They do not smell like entire (uncastrated) males;
    • they do not grow large horns but are like a female;
    • they do not have the 'teenage' attitude that entire males exhibit.





     Chris & Penny Renn, 134 Northorpe Road, Donington, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 4XX, 01775 822781  pygmygoatsuk@yahoo.co.uk  www.renn.co.uk