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  • Pet Pygmy Goats for Sale

    For further details please 'phone 01775 822781

    or email pygmygoatsuk@yahoo.co.uk


    Our kids are usually 'reserved' before they are born. We only sell to families we have met and who have attended one of our short, informal 'training' sessions and go on our waiting list or to families who already have pygmy goats.     

    Please click here for details of the 'training' session.






    For Sale


    This is a beautiful little girl born to Rosemary in the small hours of 13th May. We have given her the temporary name of Roberta.

    She will ready to rehome after 5th August.




    Please Note:

    We will never sell a single goat to a family who do  not have goats already because of their strong herd instinct.







    Sale Agreed


    On the left is Molly's beautiful little  boy (wether) born on Friday 29th January.


    On the right is a gorgeous wether born to Lottie on April 3rd.

    Here he is just minutes old.


    Their new family have given them the names Thor and Odin.


    They will be ready to rehome together around the 26th of June.







    These are Tia's lovely twins born on Friday 22nd January. On the left is a little girl, Lola,  and on the right a little boy (wether), Dylan. They were up and feeding from their mum within a few minutes of being born.

    They have gone to their new family.












    These are Sugar's beautiful little  twins born on Sunday 24th January. On the left is a little girl, Dora, and on the right a little boy (wether), Mr. Diggle

    They had a tricky birth (breach) but are now doing well.

    They have gone off to a local primary School.

    Mr. Diggle






    Sale Agreed


    These are Vita's beautiful little  twin boys born on Good Friday 25th March.

    They are both wethers and they will make lovely pets for the right family. Here they are just hours old.


    Their new family have called them Paddy and Max.


    They will be ready to rehome around the 17th of June








    These are Dolce's gorgeous little  twins born on Saturday 25th March. On the left is a little boy (wether), and on the right a little girl.

    Eventually they will be joining Dora (the explorer) and Mr Diggle at a local primary school.

    They will be ready to rehome around the 18th of June

    What is a wether?


    A wether is a castrated male.

    They make ideal pets as they are friendly, curious and lively and, importantly:

    • They do not smell like entire (uncastrated) males;
    • they do not grow large horns but are like a female;
    • they do not have the 'teenage' attitude that entire males exhibit.





     Chris & Penny Renn, 134 Northorpe Road, Donington, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 4XX, 01775 822781  pygmygoatsuk@yahoo.co.uk  www.renn.co.uk