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  • Pet Pygmy Goats for Sale

    For further details please 'phone 01775 822781

    or email

    Our kids are usually 'reserved' before they are born.

    We only sell to families we have met and who have attended one of our short,

    informal 'training' sessions or to families who already have pygmy goats.     

    Please click here for details of the 'training' session..

    What is a wether?

    A wether is a castrated male.

    They are delightful, gentle, fun-loving pets.

    They do not smell and do not have the large horns or the 'atttude' of an uncastrated male.




     Chris & Penny Renn, 134 Northorpe Road, Donington, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 4XX, 01775 822781